Alpha Academy Alumnae Association – Jamaica Chapter(AAAJ)

Our purpose is to serve and to promote the mutual interests of Alpha Academy and its alumnae through and in collaboration with the school.


  • Create greater awareness of the AAAJ chapter
  • Provide easier access to joining the Association and increase membership
  • Support Alpha Academy and its students
  • Continue to build mutually beneficial relationships
  • Evaluate and enhance existing traditions
  • Cultivate an inviting and inclusive culture for all Graduates/ Alpharians


  • June 14 -  Courtesy call on Alpha Academy principal
  • June 20 -  AAAAJ President’s Message issued via email & social media
  • July 08 -  AAAAJ content updated on Alpha Academy website 
  • July 16 -  AAAAJ joined the Jamaica Alumni Assoc of High Schools (JAAHS)
  • July 13 -  Email with information sent to alumnae email addresses on file
  • July 21 -  2021 Alpha graduates offered one-year free membership to AAAAJ
  • July 29 -  Opening of interim AAAAJ saving account - Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS)
  • July 30 -  AAAAJ President - guest speaker at 6th Formers school leaving Ceremony
  • July 30 -  AAAAJ becomes registered member of the Jamaica High School Alumni Association
  • June  - Aug -  Increased social media posts
  • June -  Aug -  Increased followers on social media by more than 100


  • Meeting with Alumni Associations Presidents (August 2021)
  • AAAAJ Annual General Meeting (September 2021)
  • Creation of Mentorship Plan
  • Virtual Career Day (TBD)
  • Run/Walk Fundraising Event (TBD)
  • Woman of Excellence (WOE) (May 2022)


  • Gives you the opportunity to give back to Alpha Academy and its students
  • Stay connected to your high school and Alpha alumnae
  • Provides networking opportunities
  • Receive information about Alumnae events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Access to scholarship and grant opportunities
  • Career guidance


To become a member of the AAAAJ, please complete and submit the membership form and pay over annual fee.

 Membership Form:
Membership Fee: J$1,000
Direct Deposit to: Alpha Academy Alumnae Association
Financial Institution: Victoria Mutual Building Society
Branch: 73-75 Half-Way-Tree Road
Kingston 10, Jamaica
Account: Saving Account # 603 298 743
Eligibility: Alpha alumnae in Jamaica and the Caribbean

Please send a copy of the transfer receipt/confirmation to the Treasurer and VP Membership at academyalpha.aaj@gmail. A receipt will be emailed to you once confirmation of funds have been received.

Membership year: June 2021 - May 2022

Contact Us

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